How Student-Athletes Can Prepare to Become Entrepreneurs?

In the month of September, a western US state named California signed a law, which would be effective from 2023 onwards. This bill would permit student-athletes to provide a good share of profit to their name, image & likeness (NIL). While student-athletes are presently prohibited from these pursuits, Governor NCAA’s board voted with an accord in October to direct per divisions to update the bylaws as well as policies to allow the students with the opportunity to avail benefits. With the monetization opportunities being seemingly inevitable, social media has come to the limelight to become one of the simplest ways for the student-athlete to start to generate revenue whenever the new rules are placed.

Thus, what can the student-athlete both at the high school and college-level start doing to get themselves a prudent position to turn into entrepreneurs and influencers as per the new rules? Here are some crucial tips that student-athletes of today can consider implementing.

Begin with it today

The student-athlete requires to concentrate on forming their channel at the earliest. Doing so may not be professionally linked with content. However, it is crucial that they concentrate on forming a presence with the local audience. As new rules might take another year of school to get implemented, student-athletes who are presently in high school might be one of the biggest beneficiaries.

Few advisors state that college may be the hardest transition, which is time-consuming for many of the students and can be even more exhausting for athletes and thus opting for the formation of following allows them to get their voice across their target groups. Anyone who begins earlier will require a good head start once they have entered college.

Also, many advisors say that it is a safe bet as many of the school athletes are already using various social media platforms. They must use this opportunity to figure out their voice, their content and engage with their audiences to pick up a good number of followers.

Work on your priorities and ensure to keep them real

Many of the school athletes juggle among classes, games, practices, and recruiting processes. While these athletes might benefit from concentrating on social platforms at an early age, it must not come at the cost of other crucial things. They should keep their sport, academics, family, the friendship ahead while forming their brand.

When a student-athlete gets the time to communicate and engage on the social media channel, one of the major things they should focus on is being themselves. They should bring up things that make them real and ensure not to act as a performer on the social field. Audiences love realistic stories that seem and appear original.

Many of the advisors agree and even explain to the athlete to note that being on social media channels is not a one-way street, suggesting that they should reach out to even other athletes as well as fans of their sport, begin following them and putting up content on a regular basis.

All such marketers even cautioned the athletes regarding the content that could harm them more as compared to helping them down the lane. They said athletes should always remember that their target audience looks for content that appeals to them and hence they should ensure to develop such content accordingly.

One of the basic things that could hamper sponsorship as well as marketing opportunities are inappropriate content on the online channels. Thus, the student-athlete should develop the aura of maturity concerning them in college or high school, which actually gets difficult for their peers.

Know the place where to post

In relation to where the student-athletes must concentrate their time, most marketers pointed towards YouTube and Instagram as the social platforms with the highest value at present where TikTok is one of the most popular. Few marketers even recommend that student-athletes should try and develop a single core podium on Instagram or YouTube & afterwards 1 or 2 secondary podiums, which can involve Facebook or Twitter. Most hold the viewpoint that Facebook and Twitter are presently just being used to add value but are not the base to execute core campaigns.

Today in a world of partnerships, Instagram is one of the reigning kings. This podium is brand safe, which appeals to a massive number of audiences. Also, distribution and content creation in this platform are simple and easy. The short-form video feature present in Instagram is one of the best mediums to showcase what is happening behind the scenes.

Work on your video skills

So, what type of video content should the student-athlete concentrate on forming? Few of the athletes have a good skill set that they simply may post in the form of a video like trick shots, cool stunts, which would make interesting content. However, many warn that athletes might run into roadblocks. One of the major issues faced by such college pro players is they cannot post any in-game video or footage as doing so would be copyright because they do not have the rights to such broadcasts. This means they require creating 100% original content, which takes a lot of time. Thus, such players can post tangential content as they perform well too like what is their normal day look like? How do they balance between games and studies? How is their school and sports practice going? What do they eat? and so on.