What do I do if the opposing driver does not want to fill in the part?

This is one of the doubts that we are usually asked: what do I do if the other driver does not want to do a friendly part?

Well, don’t be nervous. In these cases, what we will do is report to our insurance for the company to claim the damages . What you should do is collect as many data from the opposing driver (license plate, make and model of the car) and speak with the witnesses at the scene of the accident.

In addition, it is advisable to call the police to make a report of the accident . Keep in mind that this document has the same effects as a part but is filled out by the Traffic Authority (local Police or Civil Guard), with the authority’s signature.

All this information, including the traffic report, will be used to make a claim for damages by our insurance blog.

How to make an accident report through your mobile

In addition to giving a part on paper, we can solve this type of mishap through the iDEA Declaration, an application with which we can process minor traffic accidents with the mobile, through a free application, quickly and easily. You only need a mobile or a tablet with an Internet connection.

This application, available for mobile devices with iOS or Android, sends the insurers the same information that you fill out in the friendly part of accidents on paper.

In this way, a person involved in a traffic crash can send the necessary information to their insurer at the time of the accident, so that the accident is processed quickly and efficiently.

With the help of the menus, you can record the claim information with:

  • The details of the people involved in the collision.
  • The policy numbers of your respective car insurance.
  • The characteristics of the vehicles involved.
  • A description of the damages.
  • And it offers the possibility of explaining how the accident occurred.

In addition, the online accident report only has to be carried out by one of those involved in the collision, recording the data of the drivers who have been hit. The system will send the other driver involved a text message (SMS) to verify or reject the content of the declaration.

The friendly parties have solved millions of minor minor accidents and sheet metal knocks since its inception. And the application of new technologies facilitates the management of these mishaps so that they are resolved in the best way and in the shortest possible time.