What Causes Erectile Dysfunction and What Can You Do?

Erectile dysfunction, or the inability to achieve sexual success is a concern that affects the majority males. It becomes more prevalent with get older. It’s great news that a few modifications to your life could help prevent this issue. Research has revealed that the problem is more common among males suffering from cardiovascular disease or other risk factors, as well as those who are not physically active. Regular exercise and healthy and balanced meals can greatly lower the risk of Erectile dysfunction through decreasing the risk factors.

Erectile Dysfunction More Common Than You Think. Many people in middle age realize at first that they are unable to perform as well that they had earlier in their the course of their lives.

Many men older than 40 have experienced intermittent erections, and at times, very short periods of sexual erections.

Over 50% of men from 50 to 70 have different degrees of Erectile dysfunction in varying degrees. But, it’s not the consequence of normal aging.

Erectile Dysfunction – You Don’t Have to Put Up With It

The positive side lies in the fact that nothing’s fundamentally negative about ED. Sex is a vital aspect of life that you shouldn’t “give up”. Studies have proven that a consistent sexual activity (rated as 2 times week or more) can be beneficial to men’s health. A renowned expert on sexual activity says that, generally speaking, men are on a “five-day cycle’ when it comes to sexual activities are related (ie wanting to go through every on a daily basis for five days) and women are likely to be in an “10-day period’. Following a vaginal birth, there’s no reason for you to feel ashamed. Women are more likely to admit that they need an extra boost , and then act to get it. Cenforce 150 is a treatment for ED in men.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes & Treatments

Erectile dysfunction, often known as ED can be defined as the failure to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient quantities to allow an enjoyable sexual experience.

Most men older than 40 years old have experienced erections which are not consistent and, sometimes only very short sexual encounters.

More than 50 % of males Between 50-70 age experience varying degrees of Erectile dysfunction however, it’s not an obvious consequence of normal aging.

A frequent and frequent problem with erectile dysfunction can cause problems in relationships and emotional problems and may cause an eroding of self-esteem.

Erectile dysfunction can be experienced by:


Kidney disease



Cardiovascular (angina and myocardial infarction)

Neurological disorders

Between 35 and 50% of males suffering from diabetes have erectile dysfunction.

10% to 20% of the cases are because of psychological reasons which includes:





the fear of being rejected by a partner

Other causes include trauma and pelvic surgical procedures, particularly

radical prostate and bladder treatment for cancer

The act of smoking (restricts circulation of blood through veins and arteries)

The adverse consequences of prescription drugs Particularly

blood pressure drugs




appetite suppressants

Cimetidine, the medication used to treat stomach ulcers is

Because erections require a specific sequence of movements and movements, an erectile dysfunction could result by the fact that one of these actions is disrupted. The sequence is composed of nerve impulses that pass through the spinal column, brain as well as the area surrounding the penis. if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction then you can take Vidalista 60 mg online. Also, it includes responses.

A large number of men who suffer from physical causes for Erectile problems also experience mental issues like anxiety guilt, stress, and depression due to it.

Secondary Premature Ejaculation

After a long period of regular ejaculation, the duration of intercourse gets shorter. Some people who suffer from severe premature Ejaculation can ejaculate in foreplay before they have achieved penetration. This can be extremely harmful. Secondary Premature Ejaculation could result from physical causes usually involving penile veinsor both.

Lifestyle Factors and Erectile Dysfunction

Risk factors which are managed to prevent arteriosclerosis are:

Being overweight

Training is not enough

High cholesterol

Cigarette smoking

High blood pressure

It is most likely to cause erectile dysfunction before progressing to cause heart problems.

The coronary arteries in the heart measure 1.5 up to 2.0mm wide. The penile arteries are 0.6 up to 0.7mm in diameter. This is about one-third larger than coronaries. They are also more likely to get blocked. If there’s not any change in your lifestyle or your lifestyle heart disease, it is possible for coronary artery problems to be a part of impotence that lasts for several years.

What are you required to do?

Herbal Male Enhancement Products

Cenforce 100 which aids in normal erections has been acknowledged and used for many years from the time the first men noticed the power and strength in animals that had the most active sexuality. Then they accepted the natural herb that he saw the animals grazing to create his own personal enhancement of his appearance as a man.

Modern science has identified the most potent ingredients in the herbal extracts the first man, his goats, and stallions ate without distinction. The active ingredients are extracted from the soil, measured and isolated, later put into health supplements that are tested to ensure the quality of the product.

A large number of men and women are finding benefits making use of natural sex enhancers like Tribulus terrestris maca muira puama as well as Ginseng that is used as a diet supplement.

Lifestyle changes that can help decrease Erectile Dysfunction

Modify the prescription drug you are taking

Talk to your doctor about whether the possibility of different drug that is suited to your requirements and reduce the negative effects of erectile dysfunction.

Make sure you take care of Stress

Consult your physician regarding stress, anxiety or depression.

Exercise regularly

Take regular meals filled with low levels of fat and salt, as well as high in vegetables and fruits.

Reduce your consumption of alcohol,

Be sure to get plenty of rest.

Finding ways to end personal disputes

Stop smoking

Stop alcohol abuse

Oral Medicines for Male Enhancement

Oral medications that improve the male genitals have changed the whole field of sexual health of men and make it more acceptable to recognize Erectile issues or seek medical assistance. The most popular medications comprise Viagra, Levitra and Cialis.

The three medicines work in similarly, improving the effects of nitric oxide as a chemical signal that relaxes muscles of the penis, thus increasing blood flow, and allowing sexual stimulation.

If you’ve suffered stroke, an attack, or heart rhythm issue within the last six months, or you are using the nitrate drug, do not take these medicines.

Other Male Enhancement Methods

Method Description

Prostaglandin can be described as E Needle Injection Therapy : Fine needle injections are administered to the penis’s side , resulting in an erection between 5 and 20 minutes, lasting about an hour. The adverse effects can include scarring. The cost of injecting can be costly. Vidalista 40mg is a treatment for the erectile dysfunction

Vacuum Devices Pumps that operate on their own and also vacuum devices.

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