Perfect to Make a Cropped Hoodie!

I had been searching for a good staple black cropped hoodie for a while, however most cropped hoodies cost upwards of $40, cheap North Carolina Tar Heels jerseys which I thought was outrageous to spend on a trendy piece of clothing that might not be fashionable next year (as it happens with most fast fashion items). I decided instead to buy this affordable hoodie and crop it myself. It came out great! I cropped it right above the pocket line, and I just left the hem raw (I didn’t sew it). For reference

I am 6 foot 3 and 300 pounds. So tall and fat lol. Working on losing the weight. I have bought sweaters online before only to be dissatisfied with the fit and or cut of the shirt or sweater top. These fit perfectly. At my size, 3Xl is just perfect t in the length and firs me well. Hides my fat for now lol until I slim down. Still the sweater will fit nicely at 250 pounds as it will most likely gain an inch in length without the belly being bloated. Right now it still hides it well but ofcourse it makes the sweater shorter. It does cover my belt line so it is perfect. Just being specific so big and tall people know what size to order. 3Xl is perfect for 6 foot 3 and anywhere from 260 to 300 pounds. I ordered the blue the first time. Love it as a summer colour. Ordered the grey the second time for a classic gym look. Love both. The material is light. A great spring or fall sweater. I have been wearing it in summer heat and it has that fleece light feeling so it’s actually not bad even in heat when driving with A/C and working/living indoors. It doesn’t even leave a lot of lint behind. A little after the first wear but I was sweating in the heat as I work off weight so it was expected to shed a little bit. Quality is great. Wash only in cold water not to shrink it. I will wash in warm water after I loose 50 pounds to be healthier ! Lol and look better in my sweater. The seller is awesome. One day prime delivery both times and delivered in time, packaged perfectly with the new sweater smell. Will buy a third time for sure.