I am very picky about t-shirts, let me tell you why these are some of the best

Years ago I had a small epiphany: I realized that every time I went into the t-shirt drawer to grab a shirt, I was always (almost subconsciously) hoping that my favorite couple of shirts was in there, and I would be a bit disappointed when I had to grab another one. So I decided that going forward my wardrobe would contain ONLY my favorite types of shirt.

The main problem with that is the fact that the overwhelming majority of t-shirts (regardless of how much you pay) are total crap. They are thin and flimsy, nba jersey dresses the fit isn’t good, and they aren’t as comfortable as they should be.

So, ever since then I’ve tried to find the best possible t-shirts and this is one of them. The other is the Hanes “Beefy-T” but those are super thick 100% cotton and not ideal for all situations.

Wasn’t sure what to expect of this product. For the price you can’t beat it! Bought one to try at first and loved the way it fits on me. I’m in between medium and large. For size reference I purchased medium and I am 5’11″ & 175lb This shirt fits just right. Even after washing and drying there is not much shrinkage. I love wearing it for working out and just wearing them in general. They aren’t too thin and aren’t too thick. Everything fits as expected. Have this classic oxford, heather black, and heather navy they all have the same fitment.

These NFL shirts are the best blended shirts in the world (meaning they are made with a blend of cotton and synthetic fibers). They fit EXCELLENT. They are just lose enough to be comfortable but not so loose that they look sloppy. That means that you can wear the shirt out (if you want) and not just wear them to bum around the house. The fabric is very durable even after years of use and the colors don’t fade. The synthetic fibers keep you cool and the cotton feels great agains your skin.