How to insure a rebuilt title car

You’ll also need to spend some time looking for a company that insures a rebuilt-titled car, but the process should be easier than for a salvage-titled car.

Comparing prices in this situation means:

  • Get in touch with various car insurance providers
  • Ask if they write policies for vehicles with rebuilt titles
  • Find out what types of coverage they offer for those cars
  • Get a quote to see how much coverage will cost you

You may also have to take other steps to insure a rebuilt titled car.

For example, some insurance companies will want to see proof that the car is in working order. You can give them that proof by having a mechanic certify that your rebuilt car is in good road condition.

The insurer may also want you to appraise the vehicle. In that case, do an appraisal and send them the appraiser’s report.

Here are some documents that you may need to submit before a supplier sends you a quote or sells you insurance for a rebuilt-titled car:

  • Car title
  • The accident report or repair estimate from when the vehicle was first totaled
  • Photos or videos of the car in its current state