How to choose the right influencer for your brand

True, Instagram could remove likes from photos giving the industry a bad shot. But this means that it is even more useful to understand how to choose the influencer, identify the professionals to highlight the insurance brand, and make your name known to useful people.

Often the work that revolves around these figures – the testimonials who are paid to talk about a product or service – is understood as advertising hidden by non-commercial editorial choices. The addition of the hashtag #ad and the partnership on Instagram become superfluous.

Instead, they should be fundamental steps to understand how to choose the influencer. So you work with inbound marketing, you let the right people find you when they need you. Is it so? Here are the points to be respected when choosing collaborators.

The Topic Of This Post

  • 1 Has the numbers for your needs
  • 2 Is engagement fair?
  • 3 Sharing the same platform
  • 4 Choose people who are competent in the matter
  • 5 What to read to deepen the topic
  • 6 How to choose influencers in your opinion

It has the numbers for your needs

I start with a key step for your business: the quantitative assessment of the audience. This step has always been the result of misunderstandings and incorrect assessments. The essential reason?

We tend to consider the number of fans or followers as a synonym of quality and efficiency. It’s safe? Are channels with more followers more useful to your project? In reality, this is not always the case.

Many projects can reap better rewards if they work with popular micro (or nano) influencers. That is to say contacts with few followers, or in any case a lower number than the big names, but great credibility on the part of the target audience. This is an important aspect.

So, the first indication to understand how to choose an influencer: do not to take into consideration only the number of followers but also consider other values. Eg?

L ‘ engagement is right?

One of the essential points to address the issue of influencer choice. The quantitative numbers of the profile and the posts can cloud, better also evaluate the type of engagement of the target.

For example, does a contact’s Instagram account have many followers but zero comments? And those few that arrive are spam or fake interactions? This can be a problem.

Because there is no real involvement of the public, disinterested in what is published. The reasons may be different, there is also the possibility that a good part of the followers are bots. In short, the evaluation of followers also passes through the analysis of audience engagement.

Sharing the same platform

Do they ask you how to choose the influencer? Here is one of the first points to evaluate: the competence of the testimonial concerning the medium. As a brand you may need to impose your name on YouTube because you need, through video tutorials, to reach a specific audience.

Or you have a good ability to produce visuals, you work in the B2C world and you can find it convenient to attract potential customers who are influenced by the content on Instagram. Consequently, you have to choose a professional with a good audience on a particular social network.

And with the skills necessary to bring out content in a certain reality: it is difficult to have an influencer capable of making a difference on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat at the same time. Better to focus on specialized figures.

Choose people who are competent in the matter

Another aspect to consider when they ask you how to choose effective influencers by brand or product: the ability of the person in question to speak, with knowledge of the facts, about a certain topic. An example? Let’s take Cristiano Ronaldo, the famous footballer.

Can he be successful as a pressure cooker or Shimano geared mountain bike influencer? It risks passing through advertising that interrupts the use of the content. Here is a serious problem in terms of authenticity: the public does not recognize the message as truthful.

But what happens when this influencer (as well as an athlete) posts a photo wearing a certain pair of shoes during training? This is probably the ideal reality to invest pay off . Now, let’s get out of the fantasy of being able to afford an influencer like Ronaldo and apply this reasoning to concrete reality.

What to read to learn more about the topic

Many books address the topic dedicated to influencers. But if I can leave some advice I suggest you read Unleash The Ideavirus, the text by Seth Godin ( available free online as PDF ) dedicated to sneezers. Here is a useful definition:

SNEEZER Some people are more likely to tell their friends about a great new idea. These people are at the heart of the Ideavirus. Identifying and courting sneezers is a key success factor for idea merchants.

How to choose influencers in your opinion

These are the essential points, from my point of view, to identify and evaluate the right people in the collaboration process. Today there is talk of possible depression in the world of influencer marketing due to the missing numbers and the long-awaited engagement.

Often the reason lies in the inability, or unwillingness, to analyze the sector to choose the right people for the project. Too easy to move by evaluating only the number of followers of a profile or the likes of a post. We need to start working with the data, do you agree?