What’s Causing High Humidity in My AC Room and How to Fix It?

When did you first come to know that the motive behind the invention of the air-conditioning system was not actually to control the indoor temperature, but to get rid of the excessive moisture present in the surrounding atmosphere? Isn’t it strange that the thing which was invented to remove the moisture from the surrounding atmosphere is now being used as a cooling system to get a pleasant indoor temperature? Over time, many changes have been made to air-conditioning systems, but still, modern air conditioners come with the ability to control the indoor humidity. Considering this, if the atmosphere in your air-conditioned room is highly humid, then you have to be worried about this.

In most cases, a high humidity in AC rooms is because of the poor functioning of an air conditioner. Such a situation demands a quick AC repair Weston session from experienced professionals. The best part about hiring an experienced AC repair Weston agency is that they provide affordable solutions. Ahead in this blog, we have highlighted the major AC problems, which might lead to high indoor humidity.

Air Filters Clogged With Excessive Dirt

An experienced person will always advise to keep the AC filters, because clogged filters may cause many problems. A high indoor humidity is also one of those problems, which are caused due to excessively clogged air filters. Explaining in short, excessive dirt on the air filter results in the poor airflow, which ultimately affects the air-conditioning cycle. As a result, the air conditioner fails to control both, the indoor temperature and the humidity level. So, be a responsible AC user and clean the air filters every second or third Sunday.

Too Much Dust Over the Evaporator Coil

The same thing happens when a thick dust layer covers the evaporator coils, i.e. it also affects the air-conditioning cycle. Though, cleaning the evaporator coil is a much more difficult than cleaning the air filters. On this note, it’s better to hire a professional AC Coil Cleaning Agency for this.

Insufficient Refrigerant Levels Can Be Responsible

Another possibility is that the refrigerant charge in your air conditioner is maybe not enough. It also leads to high indoor humidity, and refilling the refrigerant is the only solution in that case. We advise to let the professionals do this because a newbie might end up making the situation worse.