Complete udyam registration with business aadhar is available for free.

The micro, small and medium enterprise scheme was developed by the indian ministry to promote entrepreneurship in india. Many perks are available to your company after it is registered as an micro, small and medium enterprise.

Micro, small and medium enterprise registration online eligibility.

Anyone who wants to start a micro, small and medium business can fill out the udyam registration form online and attach the needed documentation. 

The udyam certificate is available to those in the manufacturing and service industry.

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Micro enterprise. A manufacturing enterprise with a plant and machinery investment of less than rupees 25 lakhs. A service company should have an investment of less than rupees 10 lakhs.

Small enterprise. Manufacturing unit require an investment of rupees 25 lakh to rupees 5 crore in a unit as well as plant and machinery whereas service sector investments range from rupees 10 lakh to rupees 2 crore.

Medium enterprise.  A manufacturing firm with a capital investment of rupees 5 crore to rupees 10 crore and a service company with a capital investment of rupees 2 crore to rupees 5 crore.

Expert business aadhaar agents will guide you in completing the online udyog aadhar registration application so that you may get your certificate quickly.

Why should a small business register?

Bank loan with lower interest rate.

For up to 15 year you can get a credit for the minimum alternate tax .

Access to the government electronic marketplace and electronic tender in a timely manner.

There are a variety of refund and concession available.

Obtain permit as well as permission and registration in a timely manner.

Patent registration subsidy.

Obtaining licence is simple with easy registration and approval.

Electricity bill reduction.

Central guarantee service tax initiative provide a counter guarantee from the government of india.

Simply put if you have a udyog aadhar certificate you can take advantage of a variety of chance and government assistance to help your business grow and produce more cash.

New udyog aadhar.

The micro, small and medium enterprise registration have been superseded by the udyog aadhar registration. In 2015 udyog aadhar was adopted to allow small enterprise to register quickly and easily.

Micro, small and medium enterprise has been totally replaced by the new online method. To receive the udyog certificate online using the udyog aadhaar simply fill out the online application and submit it along with the relevant paper. However you must be cautious when filling out the application to avoid inconsistency that could cause your application to be delayed.

Micro, small and medium enterprise initiative were first introduced by the government udyog aadhaar program.

Under the micro, small and medium enterprise development act of 2006  the udyog aadhaar memorandum was created to help micro, small and medium enterprise in india do business more easily. Company have the option of registering several udyog aadhaar with the same aadhaar number. Self declaration can be used to file udyog aadhaar memorandum.

In addition the zero effect zero defect program assist producer in exporting high quality good and growing their enterprise. Exporter will be eligible for refund and reduction if the goods meet the required specification and are exported.

This program aims to assist micro, small and medium sized enterprise in producing high quality product and maintaining business growth.

In a nutshell the indian government has been attempting to encourage entrepreneurship and company growth in the country.

Why use a business aadhar for udyam registration online?

Business aadhar provide comprehensive assistance in completing micro, small and medium enterprise registration for your company whether it is in the manufacturing and service sector. Our knowledgeable representative will walk you through the entire procedure and complete the application for you. Simply provide the needed document and information and we will obtain the udyam registration certificate on your behalf.

Our knowledge and expertise as well as proactive partnership with client like you help you quickly and efficiently complete the micro, small and medium enterprise registration and obtain the online certificate.

Online micro, small and medium enterprise registration guidelines.

Make an application for provisional registration.

New enterprise are given a provisional registration certificate without having to go through a field investigation. It is solely a software based form. As a result it must be applied in the exact required manner before the unit function can commence. The provisional registration will be issued without a physical examination of the unit after the application is completed. The procedure is short allowing newly founded enterprise to take advantage of a variety of perks including speedy loan and other necessary clearance.

Getting your business off the ground.

The provisional certificate is valid for five years and the business must become active during that time. If the company does not start working within five year a new application must be made.

Applying for small scale industry registration on a long term basis.

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If the business is effectively launched within five year the entrepreneur can apply for permanent accreditation. The ministry of micro, small and medium enterprise is where the registration is completed. Only particular condition are met and needed paperwork are provided before a permanent small scale industry registration is approved.

The unit has received the necessary statutory and administrative clearance.

The unit does not break any rules and regulation.

The value of the unit plant and machinery does not exceed the set limit.

There should be confirmation that the company is not owned and controlled as well as a subsidiary of another industry.

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