How do tanning lotions work on our skin?

Tanning lotions work on the skin depending on the components that they currently have in the cosmetology market, there are numerous commercial brands, so we must always take into account the labeling and see the components and how they will act on us.

The sugars found in them act on the superficial layers of our skin. When they come into contact with the proteins of our skin, they produce a darkening almost immediately on the surface of the skin.

This occurs because when exposed to the sun and having DHA (Sugars) as the main component of tanning lotions, the appearance of melanin multiplies, giving us that bronze color that we desire so much.

The speed with which the tanning lotion acts on our skin will be based on the concentration of dihydroxyacetone found in it and the duration of the tan will depend on the care before and after tanning.