How to Clear TikTok Likes History?

TikTok is a social media application founded in 2016. It currently has 690 million active users. So, what are these users doing in the TikTok app? They create 15-second videos using hundreds of visual effects available in the app. In addition to visual effects, they can shoot short clips with sound effects. By creating an account, you can shoot videos or just be a spectator. When you click on the video, you can like the video by tapping the heart icon on the right of the screen. If you want to come back and watch the videos you like, go to your profile. Your profile will have a heart icon at the bottom. By tapping this icon, you can access the videos you liked before. This page is called like history page. If you want to clear your like history at the same time, click on the video you like from the opening like history page and cancel the like by tapping the heart icon on the video screen again. This will clear your likes history. Moreover, if you are gonna buy TikTok followers then this can be beneficial for your business and repute. Make you TikTok star.

How to Delete TikTok Bulk Likes

On the TikTok social media platform, it is possible to access the videos you have liked before from the list of likes history. You can remove the likes of the videos you like from the like history list page. If you want to delete the likes in bulk instead of doing the deletion process one by one, there is no method to delete the likes in this way. For this reason, you can remove the like by clicking on the video you selected and tapping the heart icon that you previously touched to like it. The video whose like you have canceled will not be displayed on the like history page.

Deleting Liked Videos on Tiktok

To delete the video you like from your like history, you can access the videos you like by tapping the heart icon on your profile. The heart icons in the videos you like will be in red. When you touch that heart icon again and change its color to white, your like will be canceled. With this process, you can also get rid of suggested videos with similar content.