How To Hide Dark Circles And Pigmentation With Makeup


In today’s time, we spent half of the time in front of the mirror trying to bring ourselves close to perfection every day. Almost all of us today are obsessed with our skincare and other makeup products to make our skin flawless, isn’t it? And the biggest drawback we fact is the dark circles and the daunting pigmentation. But thank God for the amazingly useful makeup products that help in hiding these spots away in no time. Once we get these dark circles it is not that easy to make them go away so one of the best ways to hid them is through makeup. These spots can completely ruin our look if not concealed properly. So, what you have to do is try out ways through makeup to hide the pigmentation and the dark spots. Taking the assistance of the best beauty parlor near me will help you in looking for the best solution for this issue. 

How to hide dark circles and pigmentation through makeup

Let us have a look at how to hide the dark circles and pigmentation with the help of makeup. 

  1. De-puffing 

De-puffing the eyes is one of the first steps that you need to do. With the assistance of an ice pack or a cold teaspoon on the eyes, you have to massage the area around. This will assist in constricting the blood vessels and the pressure exerted will help in activating the natural reflex of the body to eliminate the stocked fluid in that area. 

  1. Appliance of Eye Cream 

It can be clearly understood by anybody whether you use an eye cream or not. This product is very vital for your eyes if you wish to hydrate or nourish your skin. If we do not follow this step and do not provide proper care to the eye then the concealer will not blend properly on the skin and will jeopardize the look. 

  1. Apply Foundation 

The next thing you have to do is apply foundation all over your face and blend it into a very thin layer under the eyes. Make sure to use a foundation that matches your skin tone. The best way to use it is, apply it through fingertips and then blend it perfectly with the assistance of a slightly wet beauty makeup blender. 

  1. Apply Corrector 

Now if you have very dark circles then just foundation will not work for you. Corrector accesses the color theory to diminish the tones of pigmentation or dark circles eyes so that one can easily conceal on top of it. Using a beauty blender for applying the corrector in a thin layer is recommendable, it will make the area perfect for concealing. It will let you use a little amount of the product to hide the darkness so that you do not attain a thick layer of the concealer. This is important for you if you are a model or have an event where you need to get your pictures clicked because you don’t want the prominence of the products to show up in your pictures. You must take the assistance of professionals to apply it correctly, find the best ones through beauty appointment apps and get your makeup done right. 

  1. Use a Concealer 

In this area, it is ideal to use a concealer with a lighter formula that is a shade that is lighter than your skin tone to brighten your under-eye area. It is very integral to choose a concealer that will work for your skin type. If you are the one that has fine lines then a denser, matt, and firm concealer is what you require. If you have relatively smooth skin, then you can go for a liquid concealer that will provide a hydrating look. And, if you wish to acquire more pigment, then you can go for a cream stick concealer. You must apply it very carefully to attain the perfect look. Apply small dots of concealer on the inner of the eye as well as the outer corner of the eye with the assistance of a synthetic bristle brush. After which, you have to use the pads of your fingers to provide a better look. Make sure you do not get too close to the eye lashes, as that might create buildup and creasing. 

  1. Set it perfectly 

With the assistance of blotting paper you have to take the shine down in the area and then with the help of a small brush put setting powder in that area. Translucent powder is recommended in this scenario as other powders might cake up. 

How to book makeup service appointments through beauty appointment app

Makeup today will help you in hiding all your insecurities and make you feel confident. No matter what issue you are going through be it your dark circles, pimples, acnes or any kind of spots, the right makeup appliance will help in hiding it the perfect way. For hiding it perfectly, you are required to take the assistance of the best professionals who will help you in every step. You can easily find the best ones and book an appointment with them just by sitting at your place through a beauty appointment app. Here are the steps that need to be followed for booking an appointment through these:

Step 1: Go to the beauty appointment app and choose the parlour you wish to take assistance from. 

Step 2: After going to the salon, you are required to choose the makeup services that you want to attain. 

Step 3: Then you are required to choose the timing which is convenient for you for the service.

Step 4:  After the selection of the timing, you have booked yourself a makeup appointment service at the comfort of your home. 


It is very necessary for all of us today to look good and flawless, but the plenty of time that we spend in front of the screen is not letting us do so. This is why dark circles are becoming our best friend and to hide it makeup is one of the effective ways that we must adopt. Blending it perfectly is the ideal hack forbidding the pigmentation and dark circles goodbye.