Survival pension of the pension system (AFP)


It allows beneficiaries of taxpayers and pensioners who died and were affiliated to the Pension Fund Administrators (AFP) system to request a survivor’s pension ( Decree Law No. 3,500 ).

To determine the amount of the survivor pension, the following percentages will be applied based on the reference pension of the deceased:

  • 50% for the spouse with common children and 60% if there are no children in common.
  • 60% for the civil partner without children in common or children only of the deceased, 50% if there are children in common (with or without children only of the deceased), and 15% if there are only children of the deceased and there are no children in common.
  • 36% for parents of non-marital children who do not have children with the right to a pension, 30% if there are children with the right to a pension.
  • 15% for children who meet the requirements (see Beneficiaries field ) and 11% for partially disabled children who turn 24 years old.
  • 50% for the parents of the deceased who are beneficiaries of family allowance.

If you need more information on procedures related to deaths, visit the guide to face the death of a family member.