What are the ideas for chicken coop windows?

Are you fond of raising chickens? You can do this in your backyard by installing windows for chicken coops. Some areas also permit the raising of chickens within the limits of the city. If you are willing to do the same, get started with your backyard. Here are some backyard chicken coop ideas that will give you inspiration for the same!

Whether you have a few chickens on the list or have a group to raise, creating a perfect house for them is what you need. However, creating a perfect house for them is easy as it seems. Do check the requirement if you need big, small, or stylish chicken coop ideas explained here. 

1. Backyard 

A backyard chicken coop will add appeal to your garden, specifically if you go with a cottage-style or barn-shaped plan. What is the main element of a chicken coop is its feasibility. Mean? Your coop should have an attractive structure added for the pead. The backyard chicken coop should have a solid roof, safe doors, and chicken coop windows, feeder, waterer.

What extra thing you need is the nesting box for the hens. You need to make sure that the chicken coop contains a roosting branch, for the sleep of chickens. The length of the branch should be around 3-4 inches wide for a better space for chickens. Also, the roosts should be placed above the nesting box, but not on too much height. 

2. DIY 

There are plentiful options of DIY chicken coop plans on the internet for sale. You can also get it for free, despite your style’s preference. From outstanding country cottages to lustrous and liner coops, you can easily get a DIY chicken coop plan.

If you are a chicken owner, you need to design the home for the chickens by keeping the architectural components of the house in mind. The place can be used to insert a clean slate! Instead of going with a plain wooden coop, you can either go with a small red barn, a phone booth, or a toy castle. If you are willing to DIY, try some innovative things by recycling the materials. 

3. Doors

A strong chicken coop door is very important for the safety of birds from outside risks, especially at night. For beginners, there is an automatic coop door they can get. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? These doors use a light sensor or timer for the open and close feature. 

What can you do for more safety of the poultry other than a solid door? There is always the risk of hungry predators who keep searching for their meal. The best thing you can do to abolish this risk is by installing a hardware cloth for at least 2 feet into the ground size on each side. This will keep your birds protected!

4. Garden 

If you have a garden countryside design, a new chicken coop can act as a center point. You can plan a glamorous path for the coop and landscape in the form of a garden. If you are unable to grow a garden for flowers, take help by painting a flower mural on the walls.

Similarly like you decorate your house, you can do the decoration with the chicken coop too to make it attractive. Place a herb-filled flower box under the window or in the front for a better look. This will make the chicken strike the green plants and the invited insects. 

5. Adjustable 

What can be better than an adjustable chicken coop? It works as a flexible home for the hens. This portable option is a great option, specifically for the free-range coop owners. This wonderful coop idea will allow easy movement of your chickens from one-yard place to another. It also serves as a perfect option if you don’t have any backyard fence and keep your chickens isolated from the closest yard. 

This adjustable chicken coop windows option contains all the elements that are majorly required in a simple coop plan. This includes a nesting box, chicken run, a floor, and other important elements. The portable coop can be moved to a new location easily. Indeed a great option!

6. Roof 

How important is a roof for the coop? Very much! There are shingles and rolled roofing which is considered an ideal option for the coop roof. The latter one is built up from the same material as the former one but gets sold up as a roll.

A durable option is the furrowed metal roof which can be painted or left stripped, depending on the owner’s choice. Another important thing for the roof design is the roof revealing. This is crucially important in case of warm weather. Open emit should be placed above the high roosting level and undercover for the protection of hens.