What To Do If Tether App Is Not Detecting TPLink AX11000 Router?

The TPLink AX11000 Router is a next-generation gaming router that delivers a gigantic speed of almost 10GBps. It is capable of delivering a WiFi speed of 10GBps with its tri bands. It has two 5Ghz bands that deliver 4.8GBps speed for each and 1.2GBps with 2.4Ghz frequency bands. It provides gamers to enjoy stable gaming and optimize the gaming experience. The home care security feature with Trend Micro ensures that your data and documents are totally safe. The 1.8GHz dual-core processors and OFDMA offer you to enjoy non-stop gaming by reducing the network barriers as well as ping. Its monster look will definitely attract users and give a pleasant look to your gaming hub. Its eight high-gain external antennas will boost the network coverage and signal over a wide area.

It is compatible with 802.11n,  802.11ax,  802.11b,  802.11ac, and  802.11g WiFi standards.  Eight Gigabit LAN ports and a 2.5GBps WAN port on its back will offer you to add an external device such as a computer as well as sharing the files with super-fast speed. Now we are gonna tell you the tips and steps for AX11000 installation.

TPLink AX11000 Router Installation

Here we are gonna tell you some types to place your router safely and step by step guide to install the TPLink Archer AX11000 router.

Tips To Place Your TPLink AX11000 Router

Unbox the archer box and bring all the equipment and the device carefully. Avoid putting the device on the choppy surface. The surface on which you kept them should be dry. Clean all the equipment and device with a cloth if any dust is stuck in them. It is recommended to read all the info mentioned in the user guide briefly before going to install the Archer device. If you are using the modem, then unplug it from the AC socket or remove the battery if the modem has one. Push all the antennas on the slots after taking the antenna from the base point. 

Installation Guide For TPLink AX11000 Router

After reading the user guide and knowing the safety tips, you can now move to the installation process. It is simple and can be completed using the following steps.

Connect your modem to the AX11000 WAN port using the ethernet cable. Press the ON button of the modem. After some time, you will notice that the modem reboots automatically. Now connect the power adapter to the router back and to the AC socket. Turn on your AX11000 device. After this, you can move to the setup procedure, which can be completed by using the Tether app and Web Browser.

Tips If You Can’t Find The TPLink AX1100 Router Using Bluetooth In Tether App

The Tether app will help you to control the TPLink Archer router just by installing it on your tablet or mobile device. While setting up using the Tether app with Bluetooth, the app will not be able to detect the AX11000 router. In that case, these instructions will help you to solve that problem. Just follow these steps to do it.

Firstly, turn on the Bluetooth of your tablet device or mobile phone and try to connect it again by turning it off and on. Confirm that the AX110000 Bluetooth should be ON for a minimum of 30 minutes. Otherwise, it may cause interruption for making the secure connection. Resetting the router will also fix this solution. Make sure that your mobile Bluetooth is not connected to the user device or vice versa. You can reset the TPLink router using the hardware button or by using the web browser.

Hardware Button

Turn your Archer device by plugging the adapter into the Ac socket or by any means. Now take a paper clip type equipment and push it into the reset pinhole for 5 to 8 seconds. The reset pinhole is situated at the back of the Archer device. After that, the LED light will start illuminating. Now stop pushing the equipment into the pinhole. The Archer device will start automatically and all the settings will be converted to the default one.

Web Browser

Login to the Archer web management page just by typing tplinkwifi.net on the web browser search box. Type the login credentials and go to the System after choosing the Advance option. On the system, choose backup and restore and then the factory restores option. After clicking the Factory restore option the Archer will restart and all the settings will exchange to the default settings.

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