How to Protect Mobile Using Malwarebytes Tips

Mobile has evolved into a portable wallet that allows people to hold debit cards, credit cards, bank information and driving licenses. Your Mobile will need a security program to keep all this information and other details safe and secure.

The biggest problem after losing the Mobile is that the owner is unable to access the digital vault. This means they can no longer access all the information stored on the Mobile, including contacts, photos, passwords and card details. Malwarebytes Mobile Security specializes in protecting such details and information. In addition to mobile security features, there are security tips to help keep Android devices safe and secure.

Security Tips for Android Mobile

Android Mobiles are the most popular Smartphone in the world. Therefore, it is important to know all the security tips to keep everything safe and secure on your Android Mobile.

APP Locker

Almost all Android apps have a locking feature that allows you to lock apps with App Lock. This feature is great for apps like banking apps or email apps and provides an extra layer of security and privacy. This is why even if someone hacks your Mobile. They will not have access to any sensitive data. There are many app lockers available that can protect your apps.

Mobile Locking Feature

This feature is very important to keep your Mobile locked and secure. You may have already done this using a fingerprint, pin, or pattern. Your Android Smartphone will be automatically locked when you enable Smart Lock. This is done by asking for a pattern, password or fingerprint to turn your screen off and then unlock it.

Use Malwarebytes Mobile Security

Malwarebytes Mobile Security is not required for comprehensive mobile security. Any reliable mobile security software can be installed. Malwarebytes is highly rated and voted the best mobile security program. This cloud-based antivirus tool, Mobile Security, automatically applies virus updates via the Internet to make sure you have complete protection. This will not drain your Mobile battery and it is completely free. Malwarebytes has an anti-theft function that allows you to take control of your data and track, find and erase your Mobile data if your Mobile is lost or stolen. If users Disable Malwarebytes which allow any virus, internet threat, or malware to enter your Mobile.

Password Manager

Passwords are important to protect your data from being accessed by others. Password protection is required for every service and application you use. It is best to use strong passwords for security reasons. This will make them difficult to remember. A password manager will help you keep your passwords safe in the vault. There are many password managers online, some of which are free.

Turn on Remote Tracking

Remote Tracking by Malwarebytes Mobile Security makes it possible to locate a lost or stolen Mobile. Remote tracking is an established feature and although it may seem strange to be able to track a Mobile’s location on a map, it is a valuable technology that allows you to locate a stolen device by placing it on a map. . Download the Android Device Manager app then log in to your Google account to remotely track your Mobile.

Avoid using unofficial Software and Apps

Do not install software or apps from unauthorized sources. It is always available on Google Play Store. There are over a million apps available in the Google Play Store, whether they are official or not. Although there are many official Play Stores, cyber security research shows that they cannot be trusted. Malwarebytes is a great tool for protecting mobile security devices


Malwarebytes Mobile Security will keep your Mobile safe and secure with anti-theft protection. There are many other features and tools that can protect your sensitive data.

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