Best Stock Screener App India

Stock trading is the buying and selling of shares in a company to get profit. Buying shares from a company gives you access to a small portion of the company. And stock trading software is a computer program that helps with all you need to trade in the stock market. 

In India there are hundreds to thousands of companies listed in the stock market, making it difficult choosing the right stock. And that is why some investors prefer using professionals to help them pick a stock because they have the resources and tools needed. But if you have access to a good stock screener, then there won’t be a need to hire a professional. 

Using a screener app will help you narrow down your search to the best investment opportunities. A good stock screener will help you scan through thousands of stocks within a few seconds. It saves you the time and efforts of searching through stocks manually.

Stock Screener

Stock Screener is a tool that can help traders or investors find the best investment opportunities out of the thousands available. You can filter your search based on your criteria and needs. A stock screener is either fundamental or technical and most of the stock screeners are free and there are also paid screeners. Please note that a stock screener doesn’t predict the future of a company but rather analyzes their past performance and where they are at the moment.

Listed below are some of the best stock screener apps in India. Stock Screener

It is one of the best and free stock screener app in India which provides performance analysis, technical analysis and fundamental analysis screening. is good for professionals and beginners in stock trading. There are different filters such as price, dividend, fundamentals, volume and ratios which can be used based on one’s need. Also, provision is made for live stock market data, charts and the latest news. Some features of are live stock market data, choice of multiple criteria, downloadable analysis, personalized screen and alerts on what is happening in the stock market. 

 Ability to do analysis using query builder, a ready-made detailed peer comparison, a section for pros and cons in investing, analysis of cash and creating your watch list are some of the features you can see in the It is one of the most popular, easy to use and free stock screener tools which is used for fundamental stock analysis. With a large database on the you can view previous company performance for about 10 years. And with the query builder tool, you can analyze and create a watch list.

Capital Cube

It is a platform by an AI company called AnalytixInsights and one of the largest stock screeners which cover thousands of global equities. A platform that provides ETF trading and ETF research. Capital cube provides in-depth company analysis like their dividend, debt, earning, past performance and equity, compared to other screener tools which make it easy for investors to use capital cube to make decisions. 


It is also listed as one of the best screener tools that provide detailed company analysis and paid service for ready-made reports. Colour codes are used to indicate which stock is a good investment and which is a bad investment. The colour codes used are green, yellow and red where green indicates very good stocks, yellow indicate moderate stocks and red indicate don’t invest in the stocks. Real-time update, portfolio manager, mutual fund analysis, ready-made research report and detailed business model are features you can find in MoneyWorks4Me.

Ticker Tape

Ticker Tape is an easy and simple to use stock screener which can be of help to many traders or investors in their screening process. It provides various filter options like close price, market capitalization and other financial ratios. Ticker tape provides the user with an easy interface and customizable results based on need. And also provides stocks, indices, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds(ETFs).


Trendlyne is another stock screener that uses query-based screening and provides the latest business news, stock alerts, research reports and stock analysis. It also focuses on fundamental analysis and technical analysis. There are free and paid services on Trendlyne but for you to use it there is a need for registration. 


You should also keep in mind that a good stock screener should be easy to use and well organized. Ensure you use a screener that has a wide range of filters and can sort out results quickly. With an easy to use interface that even a novice can use. In need of good stock trading software or best stock screener, always use what is suitable to your style of trading or investing.

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