10 Different Types of Cartridge Packaging That All Smokers Will Love

The smoking industry is a multi-billion-dollar business. From the tobacco companies to all retailers, it’s a booming industry that has been around for decades and shows no signs of slowing down. However, in recent years, one thing that has changed is custom packaging boxes for your emerging vape businesses. These days, customers want something more than just traditional cigarette packaging or even cartons with their favorite brand on them; they want custom printed cigarette boxes!

Custom Vape cartridge boxes are quickly becoming the most popular way to consume marijuana. It is no surprise that custom packaging boxes for your items are also on the rise. This trend is because people love their vape products more when they come in a sleek, personalized box. This blog post will talk about 10 different types of cartridge packaging that all smokers will love!

Stylish and attractive as they may be on the outside, not all vapes packages have what it takes once opened up: some might just contain old batteries or other garbage! To ensure that customers keep coming back again and again (and buy more!), manufacturers need quality customization from an experienced company like ours at Vape Cartridge Packaging Boxes That Work Harder Than You Do™.

The Slim Plus Tall One

The sleek packaging boxes are specifically designed to store vape cartridges. They have a large length and width for these pieces of equipment that come in 0.5ml or 1ml sizes, which will be the right size due to their safety needs being met with this type of box’s intention.

The convenience is also attractive as retailers like how it takes up less space on shelves when compared to others who require more roomfuls at once time given they take up so much area like this taking away from other products too heavily put together inside an aisle already small enough- not giving them ample breathing room between one another!

These packages can become even fancier by adding gold foil printing or UV coating if desired; however, its simple design makes consumers appreciate just the way they are.

The packing is also extremely desirable due to how tight the cartons are put together, which helps with preventing theft and tampering of products that cost much more than others who make you feel as if you’re wasting money when they fall out because their packaging was shoddy or too loose for its contents!

These types of boxes can also be designed in a way so that retailers will still be able to offer valuable coupons, deals, freebies, and other contests without it getting ripped off by someone who might think they have no use for them but does want these things; this makes buying your vape cartridges better value on everyone’s part so what could be bad about customizing an already great product?

Flip-Top Panel Choice

The unique design of the flip-top panel makes it easy to open and close these boxes. It’s perfect for when you’re at home or on the go!

These promotional boxes look attractive inside and out, with easy customization opportunities. For example, company logos can be added to make them even more luxurious looking. They can be made to have a premium feel with amazing colors like traditional cigarette boxes had.

The Wide Shape with One Hang Tab

The opportunity to sell cartridges within pharmacies, shops, and medical nurseries is a great way for vape businesses to build their customer base. Selecting the right packaging can be beneficial because of its large size, which allows you room to include extra details like retail hangers that are perfect for displaying on different displays. The useful hand tab will ensure your product stays in place while maximizing visibility at all times.

The Square One with Hang Tags

If you are looking for a gift box, this is the one for you. With their square shape and hang tags that allow them to be hung in shops and retail stores, they make a great addition to any collection of pre-packaged cartridge boxes. The best thing about these custom vape packaging boxes is that they can include different shapes like ovals or circles while still maintaining their unique appeal.

The Rectangular One with Tie String Closure

These types of custom printed cigarette boxes are perfect if you want something really simple yet elegant at the same time. It has all the features needed, such as an opening on top where customers can remove cartridges without opening anything.

Blister One having Inserts

These cartridge packaging boxes are good for those items which wish to include unique inserts. These consist of a mixture of plastic with cardboard. The cartridges get put at the inset card’s place, and then you would cover this with some clear vinyl sheeting so it will stand out from all your other custom vape products on shelves in stores or online shops. You may state any details upon these cards because there’s room present here!

These are the perfect custom packaging for cartridges with many details that need to be included. These types of cartridge boxes can also work with packages having multiple pieces, or even ones in which you wish to include an insert card (such as one about your company and what it has to offer). They’re easy enough to assemble too!

Corrugated Pape with Inserts

Customers may think these looks like they’ve come from a factory because this type is made just how many factories make their products. With corrugated cartons being used, there’s room for inserts placed on top of them if desired.

Blank Options

Ideal for people on the go or those looking to make their products stand out, custom vape cartridge packaging boxes provides a blank slate with which you can create your own unique look and style.

Plastic Carts with Inserts

Plastic boxes are perfect for those who want to keep things looking clean and fresh. There’s room on the inside of these custom vape cartridge packaging boxes for an insert card with your company information, as well as informational cards about the product itself.

Paper Boxes

In a world where so many people are trying to go green, it only makes sense that paper is being used more often than ever before in order to create custom cigarette box packages. These single packs come tucked away neatly into their own little package–ready for purchase!


Our list of 10 types of cartridge packaging that all smokers will love was a lot to take in. However, we hope you found this guide helpful and insightful for your future purchase decisions.

As always, we’d like to know about any other cartomizer brands or types that you may have seen before so we can add them to our blog post! Also, let us know what happened when you tried out one of the packages on this list and how it went by commenting below with your experience.